Connect serves participants from ages 6 to 19. Participants are served in two groups based upon age (6-10) and (11-19). The maximum number of participant per group is 8. Connect operates with a 1:4 ratio of teacher to students/participants.Connect is a social skills program aimed towards kids whose main struggle is social skills. Learning to connect with peers, building tools for emotional regulation, and practicing executive function skills are some of the main goals of the program.

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We take into account developmental age, individual diagnosis in order to place the participant in the appropriate group. A specific diagnosis is not needed to enroll in the Connect program. Typically developing children can enroll in the program if their parents and/or educators perceive they need additional social support. Although St. Gerard House offers support for families with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the program promotes wellness support for any diagnosis.

Although the Connect program accommodates children and adolescents of various developmental levels and abilities, this program proves to be most effective for those children and adolescents who are able to participate in small group settings and meet the following prerequisites:

  • Is able to attend to group instruction with minimal prompting
  • Possesses basic verbal skills
  • Has basic awareness of social behaviors
  • Poses no major risk of harm to self or others
  • Is independent in toileting
  • Has a desire to improve/willingness to try and participate

Families with children who require high levels of support agree to send a 1:1 support person to help accommodate the needs of the participant during Connect.

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For more information on Connect and its programming, please contact Sharon Stokes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone at 828.693.4223, extension 1010.

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What are the goals of Connect?

Connect strives to assist children and adolescents through interactive and age-appropriate activities, equipping them with tools to make social interaction easier and more reinforcing. At Connect, we focus on what we have in common and learn to tolerate our differences.

Handout on the curriculum used in the Connect program.

We seek to accommodate children and adolescents of various developmental levels and abilities to help them: build friendships, express themselves, solve problems, develop coping strategies, create positive learning opportunities and grow community.

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