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The Connect Program is an after school, as well as a daily summer, social group developed for children and adolescents (ages 5 to 19 yrs). Participants are invited to join us as we learn how our thoughts, actions ad reactions can effect social situations. Classes are interactive, age appropriate and fun! Connect is a relaxed program where group participants get to practice positive behaviors with others in their peer group. They get to practice skills that help them take the steps to learn how to function at home, in the class room and with friends.

Connect incorporates the social thinking lessons and characters created by Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking curriculum. The Social Thinking curriculum uses a Cognitive Behavior approach (CBT), which connects our thoughts to our behaviors and feelings. Connect uses evidence-based practices, games, role-play and skits to teach how to be flexible thinkers in a variety of social situations. Connect also mixes in Internet Safety and Internet Etiquette. Group members explore how the Internet offers an amazing way to collaborate with others worldwide, while staying safe through employing strategies such as distinguishing between inappropriate contact and positive connections.

Connect also provides an informational parent forum during each session. Parents are able to learn from each other, act as a support system, and develop collaboration with the St. Gerard House staff to continue the support base beyond the 10 week program.


Click here to download the Connect Application.