Feed the Need is a prevocational training program for teens and young adults on the autism spectrum and similar needs. At Feed the Need, participants get the opportunity to work on vocational, social, daily living skills through three different exciting program options. Below you can learn more about each option and how to enroll.

Garden Program

The Garden program was the first Feed the Need offering and has been growing for almost 3 years. In this program participants get to learn the ins and outs of growing produce sustainably and organically while also learning where our food comes from. This is a great program for someone who is just starting out on their journey to employment as the garden offers a wide range of general work skill building as well. This program runs in 10 week intervals with each season. We meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4-6pm rain or shine.

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Culinary Program

This program was developed in 2015 as a new service through Feed the Need. It is a 10 week program that helps familiarize participants with all aspects of cooking in a commercial kitchen setting. Experienced culinary instructors will work alongside St. Gerard House staff to ensure every participant is learning at their own pace and making progress. During the session each participant will learn how to cook and eat new meals while learning a myriad of jobs from being a hostess to being a chef. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 – 6:15pm.

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Art Program

This is a brand new program that is in its first year of development. We have a different artist each 10 week session that will incorporate different mediums and perspectives on art. We promote socialization, communication and expression through the world of art. We also teach that you can express your feelings and emotions through your art. We meet at the Opportunity House in Hendersonville every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30-3:30pm

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For enrollment or more information contact:

Phone: 828-693-4223 ex. 1009
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Click here to download a Feed the Need Application.