The Grotto 2 Therapeutic Center (G2) is our new day program, which is an extension of the Grotto program. Grotto 2 is year-round, serving school age students with autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, and other learning styles ages 8 and older. The technician to student ratio is 1:1 or 1:2. All G2 programs and curriculum are based on Applied Behavior analysis, or ABA, with individualized goals for each student. Behavior Technicians use a combination of discrete trial teaching, incidental teaching, and structured teaching.

The primary goal for G2 is to teach both academics and functional living skills to help each student achieve more independence and success in their lives. Along with their academic goals students will work on functional living skills such as: communication, social skills, prevocational training, community skills, physical education, home and independent living skills, among others. Each student’s curriculum and progress is regularly monitored and evaluated through a rigorous data collection system.

G2 supports families as they make important choices for their children, encouraging them to participate in the planning and delivery of services. Parent training programs help parents move from passive roles as “observers” to involved “co-teachers.”