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Academic Resources

  • GUILD offers a variety of resources for homeschooling parents. The site requires you to create an account but there is no cost or obligation.
  • Special Needs Homeschooling curriculum by Demme Learning visit or contact Gretchen Roe | [email protected] | 717.524.5692
  • Kindertown offers curated content for young learners. Not all educational apps are created equal. The Kindertown website, you can find reviews of many we found to be excellent.
  • For those who need help with an IEP-based educational plan within NC, check out the special needs consultants of
  • Homeschooling in NC and High School Requirements visit
  • CLEP – College Level Examination Program testing site
  • Complete math curriculum for homeschool and small groups at
  • Spelling You See is a natural, easy way to teach and learn spelling. Check out
  • Tips for Homeschooling During Coronavirus [NPR]
  • 100 read aloud videos from the Indianapolis Public Library

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