What Are The Goals of Connect?

Connect strives to assist children and adolescents through interactive and age-appropriate activities, equipping them with tools to make social interaction easier and more reinforcing. At Connect, we focus on what we have in common and learn to tolerate our differences.

We seek to accommodate children and adolescents of various developmental levels and abilities to help them: build friendships, express themselves, solve problems, develop coping strategies, create positive learning opportunities and grow community.

Autism Treatment

The Connect program is most effective for children and adolescents who are able to participate in a small group setting and:

  • Follow group instruction with minimal prompting
  • Possess basic verbal skills
  • Have basic awareness of social behaviors
  • Pose no major risk of harm to self or others
  • Desire to improve and willingly participate

For more information on Connect and its programming, please contact Sharon Stokes at [email protected] or via phone at 828.693.4223, extension 1010.

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Make a Difference